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Japan To The World

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I spent several years as a student in Thailand and China.

At the same time that I became aware of the charm of Japan through living abroad, I began to have a desire to "deliver Japanese content to the world." During school hood, I organized a tourist guide group and started volunteer guides for foreigners visiting Japan.

The issue I faced in the process was "delay in responding to Japanese food diversity/inclusivity." The most challenging one was the response to "vegetarian,"  which becomes our business theme eventually. 

Even though they came to Japan, they couldn't find a restaurant to eat and only eat cup ramen and plane onigiri from convenience stores ...

Is Japan, a country of hospitality, good as it is?
I wanted to solve this problem somehow.

Bridge Japan And The World Through Plant-Based Food

We are currently developing a consulting service and a media service to promote Japanese vegetarian and vegan businesses.
* Please see SERVICE for details.


So far, we have provided support for the introduction of plant-based food and PR support for more than 100 restaurants and food manufacturers.

Current Mission | Deliver Japan To The World

I sometimes go on business trips to local areas for the work of the governments and municipalities but feel this every time.

That is, "Japan is a treasure trove of ingredients."

Topography extending north, south, east, and west with the sea, mountains, and rivers.

Seasonal foods transitioning according to the four seasons.

The roadside station that you stop by between business meetings is like a treasure box.

Japan, which had banned meat-eating for the past 1,200 years, has many unique food cultures and ingredients in the world.

Plant-Based Japan will dig up the food culture that Japan is proud of and share it with the world.

CEO, Plant-Based Japan Inc.
Hiroto Yamazaki



Hiroto Yamazaki

Hiroto Yamazaki

Plant-Based Japan CEO He has an influence on vegetarians in Greater China including Taiwan, and operates an SNS with 30,000 followers individually. Published "Tokyo Vegetarian Guidebook" and "Kansai Vegetarian Guidebook" in Taiwan. In 2021, he was selected as one of the 10 most significant vegetarian influencers in Taiwan. Utilizing the network of the world plant-based world, we are engaged in businesses such as attracting overseas companies to Japan and expanding overseas project of Japanese.

Shinya Yokoyama

Shinya Yokoyama

Co-Founder After launching own business independently in Japan in 2010, established a Singapore corporation in 2012. Co-founded Halal Media Japan Co., Ltd. (currently Food Diversity Co., Ltd.) in 2014, freefrom Inc. (currently Plant-Based Japan Inc.) in 2019, and Career Diversity Co., Ltd. in 2020 Received the Entrepreneur Award from the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2016 for the project management of more than 500 companies in Japan and overseas as the first Japanese receiver.

Riku Kurosaka

Riku Kurosaka

Project Management When he was a student, he co-founded an environmental organization and conducted activities including environmental events of 100 people scale for two years. After joining Plant-Based Japan Inc., he was parimarily in charge of developing Green Monday Japan and Omni Meat, and in 2020 he led a digital campaign having thousands of people join.



Plant-Based Japan Inc.


June 2019


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Hiroto Yamazaki


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